Rental Equipment

 In 2006, the Cheatham County Soil Conservation District, funded through a grant from the Tenn. Dept. of Agriculture, purchased a new Haybuster No-Till Drill which can also be used for Native Warm Season grasses. – No Till Drill rental $200.00 per day unlimited acres

-If No-Till not returned on time there will be addition charge of $100.00

-Absolutely NO FERTILIZER OR LIME is to be used in the drill.

-Leasee will be responsible for the damage to the no-till drill due to neglect, abuse, or accident. (ex: not picking up when making turns, running over rocks, etc)

-Leasee is NOT responsible for normal wear and tear.  Cheatham Co. SCD supervisors will determine damages due to abuse, neglect or accident.


Lime Spreader

 In October of 2008 the Cheatham County Soil Conservation District received a grant from 5 Rivers RC& D and Ag Enhancement to purchase a lime spreader.

 The BBI Lime Spreader has a 9 ton capacity.

 The spreader needs a minimum of 70hp tractor w/hydraulics to operate it properly. 

 The primary use of the spreader is to allow landowners to spread lime on small fields and hills where others can not take spreader trucks.

The rental rate is $100.00 a day–unlimited acres. Pick up time is 9a and return the following day by 9am.  

If not returned promptly there will be an addition day charged.


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