Cheatham SCD Tree Giveaway Great Success

On Friday, March 8th, 2013 the Cheatham County Soil Conservation District held their annual seedling giveaway.  One thousand Virginia Christmas Pines and Bald Cypress seedlings were given away at the Ashland City Natural Resource Conservation Service/Soil Conservation District Office to approximately 75 landowners in Cheatham County.  The district give away is early in March every year in celebration of Arbor Day and Earth Day to help promote tree planting in Cheatham County. 


            Planting trees is a very important part of conservation since they are used for many things. They can reduce your heating and cooling costs, help clean the air, provide shelter from wind and the sun which will actually add value to your home, provide  homes for many different types of wildlife, and help with stream bank stabilization.

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